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ABOUT US Dongguan MXG Mechanical locates in Dongguan city, Pearl River Delta, where is considered the center of the world factory. Founded in 2011 and since when we have supplied our OEM customers with all kinds of custom mechanical components which include but not limited to turned parts, milled parts, machined castings and forgings, assemblies etc.

The mission of all co-workers and departments of MXG is to always satisfy or exceed our customers'expectation for quality. This includes quality performance, attitude, effort, service, products, deliveries, and integrity. We have full capabilities for high-volume manufacturing, along with a broad supplier and resource base to complete your custom jobs. We want to provide value-added products and services to our customers so that they consider us as a reliable partner. By supporting them we will, in turn, support ourselves. Find out what custom mechanical parts we can create to meet your needs!


Dongguan MXG has many high-precision machining equipment and first-class technical personnel, and has strong production and testing capabilities.

Why choose us?

12 years one-stop custom mechanical parts manufacturer

12 years experience in precision parts manufacturing

We have been deeply involved in the custom mechanical parts manufacturing for 12 years. We have an efficient and stable team, sufficient production and inspection equipment, making us your unique partner for customizing non-standard parts.


Dongguan, where is the world manufacturing hub, we can easily access to high-quality sub-suppliers of various raw materials, heat and surface treatments. This makes our quotation very competitive on both pricing and delivery time.

One-stop manufacturing solution

We provide our clients with the most economical solution according to their parts application. We have the ability to combine machining with various castings, forgings, welding parts, cold heading parts and sheet metal cutting parts.


We strictly implement the ISO9001 quality system and with the help of our digital tracking system we simplified the tedious production process greatly which ensures better quality and lead time.

Our professional services
Quality Control
Design Assistance
Material Selection
Inventory Management
What are the advantages of working with us?

Years of manfacturing experience can help customers choose the most suitable process and material according to their product application and help customers save R&D costs and improve their R&D efficiency.

Fast Quotation, The quotation is generally completed within 24 hours after receiving the full information of RFQ.

Fast Delivery, MXG has a complete team and sufficient machines to ensure fast delivery for both samples and production.  We can work 2 shifts a day and 6 days a week if needed.

Good Quality, MXG provides full dimensional report, mill certificate, heat treatment&finishing report, parts&packing pictures for every shipment. We won't ship anything out before your approval of these.  We have been keeping a yiled rate of 99.4% so far. 

One Year Guarantee, We provide our customers one year guarantee if any defects found against drawings. Users have right to ask for the following options without paying any additional costs:
1. Exchange the products
2. Repair the products
3. Refund for the defective products.

Quality is our backbone.

In MXG we strictly enforce ISO9001 quality management standard and are ISO9001, IATAF16949 certified. We insist on continuous improvement based on our consolidated quality system. FMEA, MSA, Capability Study, Control plan, PPAP are widely used in the project development and mass production quality control.

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