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Looking for intricate components crafted by a trusted precision CNC parts manufacturer? Look no further than MXG Mechanical. As a leading CNC machining company based in China, we've been specializing in CNC services and precision hardware production for decades. Our expertise lies in Swiss CNC machining, utilizing the latest Swiss turning and machining technology to meet the manufacturing needs of industries worldwide.

Equipped with advanced Swiss lathes and machines, alongside other cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, our seasoned experts and technicians deliver cost-effective solutions and produce high-quality Swiss machined parts that meet industry standards and customer specifications. Whether you require 5-axis milling, CNC Swiss machining, Swiss CNC turning, or wire EDM services, our team is equipped to deliver.

We work with a variety of machining materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and more. Contact us today for a fast, free quote on your CNC component needs.

Why Choose MXG CNC Swiss Machining Services

1. Custom CNC Swiss turning and machining parts can be efficiently produced, making them ideal for high-volume production runs of small parts.

2. The combination of high speed and reliability ensures a swift turnaround, ultimately improving productivity and shortening the production cycle.

3. Precision Swiss CNC machining caters to complex parts projects, allowing for tight tolerances and high accuracy to be achieved.

4. By employing live tooling and sub-spindles, secondary processing is reduced, thus accelerating the entire process.

5. Our commitment to premium quality includes the use of high-grade materials, meticulous operation, and stringent inspection throughout the machining process. Each product undergoes thorough quality tests to ensure top-notch results.

Capabilities of MXG Swiss CNC Turning Services

Our CNC Swiss machining services cater to a diverse range of industries, providing precision Swiss machined parts tailored to your exact specifications. We work with a variety of materials, including:

- Stainless steel (303, 304, 316, 416, 420, etc.)
- Carbon steel (1018, 1045, etc.)
- Aluminum (6061, 6063, etc.)
- Brass
- Copper
- Plastics

Our expertise extends to industries such as medical instruments, surgical tools, optical measurement equipment, computer fittings, military and defense, and the watch industry, among others.

What Is Swiss Machining?

Swiss machining is a precision manufacturing method that employs specialized Swiss type CNC lathes. In this process, parts are produced by rotating them in a radial motion on these Swiss machines. The unique design of Swiss machines enables multiple operations to be executed simultaneously across various zones, resulting in significantly improved machining speed. This technology is commonly utilized for small precision CNC turned parts projects.

Benefits of Swiss Machining

• By securely holding the piece steady near the operation point, it remains unaffected by tool forces, ensuring precision within tight tolerances.
• The Swiss machine enables the manufacture of small parts with complex profiles and configurations, including thin walls, deep cuts, and intricate features.
• With the ability to perform multiple operations simultaneously, Swiss machines boast a significantly higher production speed compared to common lathes.
• The reduced requirement for secondary processing and treatment results in shorter production cycles.

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