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How to control the machining accuracy

Admin: MXG Date: 2024-03-20

Machining is what we often say:machining.Machining accuracy refers to the degree to which the actual geometric parameters(size,shape and position)of the part are in accordance with the ideal geometric parameters.The higher the degree of conformity,the smaller the error,the higher the machining accuracy,and the machining accuracy should normally be controlled within a reasonable range.Machining accuracy refers to the degree to which the actual geometric parameters of the workpiece after machining are in accordance with the ideal values specified in the part drawing.And their degree of non-compliance is called error.

Economic accuracy is the processing accuracy that can be achieved when a certain processing method is economically effective(reasonable cost)under normal operating conditions.Normal production conditions are intact equipment,qualified fixtures,knives,standard technical level operators,and reasonable working hours quotas.The national standards related to machining include:GB/T1804-2000;GB/T1804m;GB/T1184-1996;GB/T6403.4.

Machining dimensional accuracy control method

The trial cutting method obtains the specified dimensional accuracy by trial-cut-measure-adjust-re-cut repeated process.This method is only suitable for single-piece production.The methods for automatically obtaining dimensional accuracy are as follows:1.With a fixed-size tool,the dimensional accuracy is guaranteed by the dimensional accuracy of the tool itself.For example,drills,reamer,broach,milling cutter,planer,etc.are used for hole machining.2,adjustment method,first adjust the relative position of the tool and the workpiece on the machine tool,and remain unchanged during the processing of a batch of parts,suitable for batch and mass production.3,automatic control method,a series of work in the process of measurement,compensation,adjustment and cutting is automatically completed.Such as CNC machining or machining center processing.

Machining geometry accuracy control method

The geometric accuracy of the part is mainly guaranteed by the accuracy of the machine tool or the accuracy of the tool.The commonly used methods are:tool method,tool nose path method,and exhibition method.

Machining position accuracy control method

The mutual positional accuracy of the parts is mainly ensured by machine precision,fixture accuracy and workpiece clamping.The mutual precision of the machined surface depends on whether its base surface occupies the correct position on the machine.

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