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Turning lathe machining parts steps

Admin: MXG Date: 2024-02-15

It is said that the general type of the cover and the box,the general picture of this type seems to be more annoying,but this type is generally the finishing of the blank,and there is very little processing with a whole piece of material,except for the special circumstances.Before you work on a workpiece,understand the drawing,and have a rough image in your brain.You can imagine the finished product from the drawing.Next,think about the clamping,what kind of way to clamp the workpiece has a certain influence on the workpiece processing program,so it is necessary to determine the clamping method before analyzing the programming.Then,according to the material of the workpiece,the tool to be used is selected,and the processing sequence is analyzed.The cover type is conventionally the outer diameter-end surface-inner hole.But still depends on the actual situation.After determining the order,you can boldly program.Of course,the manual programming is here.If the cabinet is too complicated,you have to use the computer to automatically edit it.Needless to say.After the program is finished,you can run the test run away from the spindle to see if it is correct.After the error is confirmed,the tool can be processed.

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