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Overview of the structure of the press body

Admin: MXG Date: 2024-03-14

The press body is generally composed of a frame,a hydraulic cylinder component,a moving part and a guiding device.

The design of the structure of the press body should consider the following three basic principles:

(1)Meet the process requirements as much as possible and facilitate operation;

(2)It has reasonable strength,rigidity and guiding precision of moving parts,and it is reliable in use and not easy to damage;

(3)It has good economy,light weight and convenient manufacturing and maintenance.

Among them,the process requirements are the most important factors.Since the processes performed on the press are various,the structure of the body of the press is also indispensable.From the perspective of the rack type,there are vertical and horizontal;from the form of the frame,there are beam-column combined,single-arm and truss type;from the number of working cylinders,there are single cylinder,three cylinder or multi cylinder.

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