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What are the taboos for cnc precision parts processing?

Admin: MXG Date: 2024-01-18

1.Do not change the system parameter values or other settings of the machining center as a whole.If it is necessary to change,make a record in advance so that problems can be restored to the original adjustment value in time.

2.Do not touch the switch with wet hands.Wet hand touch switch will cause leakage,easy to be shocked,press the switch must ensure that it is correct,avoid the danger of wrong connection,emergency stop button must be remembered.

3.Do not place obstacles on or around the cnc precision parts processing equipment.Only ensure that the working space is large enough to improve production efficiency and avoid dangerous ways;the working ground is clean and boring,do not move or damage the safety warning signs.

4.The technicians who have not been trained in safe operation cannot operate.They are not allowed to operate together.If two or more people need to work together,they must do a good job of coordination.

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